Million Money Scammless

We've Organized a Simple to Follow..

P/T Global Income Option.. for Anyone to Join.. 

& Earn an Extra $2000+ USD Monthly.. 

Max Out at 1500 Ether.. every 100 Days.. 



Step 1

Download the Trust Wallet App/by Six Days LLC..

To your Apple/Android Phone.. Once downloaded..

Activate/Setup your Trust Wallet.. open the app..

check the Recovery Pass Phrase agreement box..

where you'll want to write down your 12 Word Pass Phrase.. to save/store some where safe.. Next.. select each word in correct order.. to activate your wallet..


Once done.. enable notifications.. click settings at bottom right.. on the Trust Wallet's control panel.. turn on the Dark mode.. if you'd like.. which is easier on the eyes over time.. then proceed to Step 2..

Step 2

Fund your Ethereum Wallet..

with 0.033 Ether/$6+.. to cover

the Start Up Activation Fee..




Wait for your Ether transfer to clear on the blockchain.. so your Ether can/will.. settle in your wallet.. before proceeding with the signup process 

Step 3

Inside of your Trust Wallet.. click on D'apps.. on the Trust Wallet Control Panel icons at bottom..
Icon with 4 squares.. says ''Dapps'' or ''Browser'')

Copy the Link provided.. then paste link in the ''Browser'' search bar.. tap on the link in search bar.. to bring up your phones keyboard.. then click your Enter/Search key.. to proceed to the signup page.. Click RU.. then pick language of choice/english.. 

Step 4

Press the red Register/Sign In button..

On next page.. click Login Automatically..

[This will make upgrading Simple going forward]


Double check the Sponsor ID#.. before clicking

To Register.. once transaction loads up.. click ''Approve/Confirm'' then you will be taken to the Etherscan blockchain.. to see your transaction get placed in line.. to be confirmed on the Blockchain

Step 5

Return to the Robot/Sign In Page..

Click the red Register/Sign In button.. and

you'll be taken to your account.. where your ID#

will be located at the top left of the page.. once

your Smart Contract Call is confirmed.. refresh

the account page.. and your ID# will show up..

Email us your ID# at the email address below..

So we can add you to the structure.. and send you

your own structure.. for simplifying the building process..

Reference video above.. & a few good Crypto Wallets below..

Congratulations.. and Welcome.. to a Simple..

Long Term Global Source.. of Ethereum Accumulation..

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